• To commit to long term, dedicated and proactive collaboration with partners based upon mutual respect, parity of esteem, shared interest and benefit, nationally and internationally with relevant organisations.

  • To be a professional body with which other organisations choose to work.

Working collaboratively is essential to ensure parity, mutual respect and to share both knowledge and best practice. Developing and creating partnerships throughout the sector is an exciting opportunity to not only showcase Architectural Technology but to discover how we can learn from others and strive to continue the development of the Institute. 


Architects' Benevolent Society (ABS)

The relationship with ABS continues as a positive and productive one. A number of Members volunteer as ABS Ambassadors and Kathy Thurman MCIAT sits on the ABS Council as a Trustee on behalf of CIAT. The Institute supported by donating £4,100. Further donations are planned on an annual basis.

Representatives from ABS at a wine and cheese social event in Belfast alongside the Northern Ireland Region

More information about ABS can be found here: absnet.org.uk and also in AT Journal issue 129, pages 24-25.

Association of European Experts in Building and Construction (AEEBC)

As a Principal member of AEEBC, which comprises fourteen principal members (all professional bodies) from ten different EU member states, CIAT is a key member. Its objectives are to share knowledge and best practice for the benefit of those working within the built environment and the Institute is currently involved in developing the student and academic community.

More information about AEEBC can be found here: aeebc.org


Building Equality

The Institute became a member of Building Equality, an alliance of built environment professionals who are passionate about working together and harnessing their collective power to drive LGBT+ inclusion in the industry. There are active members taking part in the three main groups in London, Manchester and Leeds. The AT community were represented at Pride in London with Eddie Weir MCIAT, President Elect, demonstrating solidarity by walking as part of Building Equality with members, and at Manchester Pride.

From l-r: Rob Foster ACIAT, Nooshin Akrami MCIAT, Dr Colin Stuhlfelder MCIAT, Adam Endacott, CIAT Communications Director and Dayle Wheeler MCIAT at Manchester Pride


CIAT's inclusion in Pride in London as part of Building Equality, led by Eddie Weir MCIAT. President Elect

Further information can be found here and here

Building Equality on LinkedIn

International Ethics Coalition (IES) 

CIAT is a member and signatory of the IES, whose aim is to create a universal set of ethical principles for those working across the spectrum of land, property and construction related services. The President and Chief Executive attended the IESC meeting in Dubai in 2018, where there were representatives from organisations.

Further information about the IES can be found here: ies-coalition.org

Planning Portal

The memorandum of understanding with Planning Portal extends into 2020 and focuses on communications and mutual support for each organisation. Regular update meetings are held with them.

For more information about Planning Portal, click here

Health and Safety

CIAT is well represented by its President Elect and Vice-President Practice Eddie Weir MCIAT, Gary Mees PPCIAT MCIAT, and Vice-President Technical, Steven Hedley MCIAT on commitees such as CONIAC SSE, CONIAN and the CIC Health and Safety Committee. As a result of our involvement, Gary is currently the CIC Health and Safety Champion representing industry and focusing on the continuing improvement for Health and Safety.


In the last year, the Institute has provided responses to consultations received from the UK, Republic of Ireland and overseas on issues such as the review of the Approved Document B of the Building Regulations, the new external Cladding Standard, the certification of energy efficiency measure (EEM) installation in existing buildings and insulation in residential park homes (PAS2031) and the Review of Technical Guidance Document C – Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture in the Republic of Ireland. The Institute has also been represented in its endeavour to improve minimum housing standards.

Technical Standards Taskforce

With representation on many British Standards and involvement in various other standards, a dedicated group, the Technical Standards Taskforce was introduced. This Taskforce provides quality responses to mitigate conflicts and promote workable solutions across the industry, as well as identify gaps and be proactive in producing robust and workable guidance. This Taskforce features a core group that is supported by a virtual group of those involved in writing and using standards.

Further information about the Taskforce can be found in AT Journal issue 128, pages 10-11

International Fire Safety Standards Coalition (IFSS)

After various drafting workshops the final version of the IFSS CP Consultation Document October 2019 V27 is now with the Coalition to approve and to assess that the drafting team – including three members of CIAT - have met their brief.

The consultation document is also currently with the RICS publishing team who are formatting the document and the Coalition have initially indicated that they would like, if possible, to go into consultation towards the end of November/beginning of December 2019.

Centres of Excellence publication

The Institute's Research Group has created a new publication to showcase and detail research from the Institute's four Centres of Excellence. The publication celebrates research and development carried out by University of Derby, Edinburgh Napier University, Robert Gordon University and Sheffield Hallam University. The research falls into the three areas of energy performance, process (digital) and production (such as off-site manufacturing and structures). This will be published in the autumn.


International Development


The Architectural Society of China (ASC) is an independent body approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Representatives from the Institute will be travelling to China in October to formalise a collaborative agreement with ASC. Visits to universities in Beijing, Chengdu and Nanjing have also been arranged.


Aarhus, Denmark was host for the 2018 AGM Weekend – a fantastic opportunity for learning and celebrating Architectural Technology in the country. The Europe Centre hosted a Friday evening social event, with the AGM on Saturday at VIA University, who have an Accredited programme, and concluded with the Presidents' Ball held in the Musikhuset Aarhus.

Full details can be found in AT Journal issue 128, pages 42-43

Simon Coggins-Hill MCIAT, Europe Centre Chair addresses guests at the Presidents' Ball in Aarhus, Denmark



The Institute held two conferences in December and April, both of which were to introduce Architectural Technology as an academic and professional discipline and bring together Indian academic institutions, universities that offer CIAT Accredited degree programmes, practitioners, students and other professionals within the sector.

The Institute continues to build upon and strengthen relationships with organisations in India.

Full details can be found in AT Journal issue 129, pages 36-37 and AT Journal issue 130, pages 38-39

The President with Members and representatives in Delhi, India in April 2019

United Arab Emirates

The President and Chief Executive visited Dubai in the autumn of 2018. The visit involved practice visits, meetings with universities, presentations to students and professionals, along with engagement with fellow professionals and organisations.

Full details can be found in AT Journal issue 129, pages 33-35

Francesca Berriman MBE, Chief Executive and Alex Naraian PCIAT at BSBG offices during their visit to Dubai

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