• To use our human, physical and financial capital efficiently and invest in areas for business sustainability and growth.

  • To ensure that we remain a viable, vibrant and resilient institute.

The Institute continues to grow with its membership, staff and financial resources to meet the challenges of the future.


Numbers and demographics

The total number of members by grade ending May 2019 are as follows:

MCIAT                         3787
TCIAT                          53
Honorary                    12
ACIAT                          2449
Profile candidate      598
Student                      2088
Total                            8988

Top five employers of Chartered Architectural Technologists:

  1. Whittam Cox Architects

  2. Stride Treglown

  3. P+HS Architects

  4. FaulknerBrowns Architects

  5. Bailey Partnership

Financial capital

The Institute's results as at 30 April 2019 shows a deficit of £61,105, due to an increase in operational costs in the year 2018/19. Revaluation reserve increased by £250,000 due to the revaluation of 397 City Road increasing deferred taxation to £84,501, bringing total recognised income to £144,087.

Subscription income continues to increase year on year totalling £1,529,174, a 5.5% increase on the previous year being 93% of total income for the year (£1,640,135). Expenditure was slightly over budget due to an overspend in operational costs.

The balance sheet continues to be strong and shows assets of £2,195,486, which contains net current assets of £1,020,605.

CIAT's subsidiary companies, Architectural Technology Services Limited (ATSL) showed a profit of £1,465 and Architectural Technology Academy Limited (ATA) showed a small deficit of £685. A grant of £50,700 was made by the parent company; £50,000 to ATSL and £700 to ATA.