Smart Apartments – 14-16 Cogan Terrace
Mark Wright MCIAT, Shared Vision Limited

The selection of Durisol, that was assembled by carpenters without a scaffold, and Lewis deck, that gives excellent sound proofing but can also be used as a working platform, allowed the tightly constrained site to be organised in an uncluttered way. The continuous monitoring and control of the building, coupled with a well performing envelope, give an in-use performance better than Passivhaus standard. Current building regulations provide for much better accessibility than previously existed in the terraced houses. The positive wellness design of quiet, fresh air, natural light and outside space caters for a broad range of tenants with specialist needs, such as allergies, mental health conditions and learning difficulties.

The internal environment of the building is extremely fresh and open feeling, and with usable outside space, tenants are extremely happy and flats let quickly. Smaller unit sizes, excellent sound proofing, and state-of-the-art door entry system gives every assurance to vulnerable tenants who are not served by the traditional HMO market. The building is a complete expression of the sustainable building philosophy of the project team; in technology, performance, and materials selection. The building also has exceptional performance as demonstrated in the post-occupancy study. 

The reinforced concrete structure and high quality windows etc. are specified for longevity and low maintenance. The building is regularly shown to industry leading organisations and has several academic studies written about it. It is an uncomfortable fact that thermal bridging losses in the Durisol bay window reduces the performance of the ground floor flat, but this is an innovative project. Steico may have been a better solution for the bay window, but further analysis is planned using a FLIR camera.