Energy white paper: Powering our net zero future

The energy white paper builds on the Prime Minister’s Ten point plan for a green industrial revolution.

The white paper addresses the transformation of our energy system, promoting high-skilled jobs and clean, resilient economic growth as we deliver net-zero emissions by 2050.

COP26 Business Briefing

Slides from the COP26 Business Briefing held on 20/21 October. The slides include:

  • An overview of the four goals of COP26
  • The Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaign overviews and details of how to join
  • The UK Presidency Programme overview
  • COP26 Regional Roadshows – overview of a series of events taking place across the UK during COP26, and links for further information

A summary of the links which were referenced during the sessions:

  • Alok Sharma, the COP26 President Delegate, delivered a speech in early October setting out what COP26 needs to deliver. 
  • You can download the full UK Presidency and Pavilion Programmes here. And you can see the Green Zone programme here.
  • For further information on campaigns and initiatives referenced:
    - The Race to Zero, Race to Resilience and associated links are well covered in the slide packs. Businesses should also consider what action they can take to immediately set themselves on a path to achieve these targets or what advocacy they can do to encourage others. See here for some examples of how you can do that.
    - The Get Nature Positive Campaign, which was launched in October, was also discussed. The campaign will be showcased on 6 November, during Nature Day at COP26. Businesses will find the Nature Handbook for Businesses helpful – it is a practical toolkit for sustainability which acknowledges that the environment and the economy go hand in hand.