Insight 1 is a series of six units that have been complied to further COTAC's educational aims and objectives. It is intended for audiences who wish to gain an appreciation of practical heritage conservation, its associated challenges, working practices and the philosophy which underpins it.

Each of the six Unit Learning Handbooks and the separate Image Sets of 24 full-page illustrations are offered in downloadable PDF format. Each of the units also contain a relevant set of question and offered answers that are incorporated within the unit texts.

From a user's perspective, the focus on all six units is to gain a comprehensive understanding of what the built heritage is all about. This can be a complex process involving many actors. It is the intention of the units to inform readers about appreciating how the built heritage can be better protected: thereby helping to faciliate its ongoing sustainable use whilst it remains and continues to offer a tangible record of our past.

Insight 1 Unit 1 Learning Handbook: What is Special and Why?
Insight 1 Unit 2 Learning Handbook: Is Appearence and Appeal Important?
Insight 1 Unit 3 Learning Handbook: How Does a Building Work? 
Insight 1 Unit 4 Learning Handbook: What Needs to be Though About?
Insight 1 Unit 5 Learning Handbook: How Does What We Do Affect the Heritage?

Insight 1 Unit 6: Incorporating Units 1-5 Image Sets

Image Sets

These image sets specifically relate to the previous five units. Their associated image sets - each of 24 illustrations - should be viewed and used in conjunction with the contents of the Unit 6 Learning Handbook which offers further context to the captions with additional considerations to be thought about.

The illustrations have been incorporated to offer interest and appreciation of a large range of examples. They scope over local, national and international buildings and locations, supporting units 1-5 text at a human interaction and scale, aiming to reveal related community and/or social values. These illustrations should be considered as integral components of Unit 6. Contemporary examples are included to offer a broader relevance.

Unit 1 Image Set
Unit 2 Image Set
Unit 3 Image Set
Unit 4 Image Set
Unit 5 Image Set 

Insight 1 Unit 6 Learning Handbook: Seeing What You are Looking At


The Council on Training and Architectural Conservation (COTAC) recognises the need for specialists to properly specify and oversee work involved in repairing and conserving historic buildings and churches. Its objectives are to advance the education and training of all those involved in the protection and preservation of the historic environment that is of cultural, architectural or historical value, and to provide knowledge in support of training and education in the arts and skills required to protect and preserve it. Over the years COTAC has persistently and influentially worked to lift standards, develop training qualifications and build networks across the conservation, repair and maintenance sector of the built environment industry. 

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