Webinar | Building Passivhaus and low energy retrofits at scale

Webinar 6 pm-7.30 pm, 18 Jan 2021

Join Zero Carbon Yorkshire BUILDINGs/ AECB Yorkshire group for an online webinar and networking event on the subject of 'Building Passivhaus and low energy retrofits at scale'.

A great opportunity to learn from building professionals working on local authority large volume Passivhaus schemes in the Yorkshire region and to find out ways we can upscale both Passivhaus newbuild and retrofit.

Speakers include: Russell Smith, Managing Director of Parity Projects, speaking on 'The National Retrofit Strategy campaign' and Jim Wild, Director and Senior Engineer at LEDA, speaking on 'Engineering Zero Carbon for York' in LEDA's role as the Building Services Engineers in the York Passivhaus scheme.

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