Webinar | The Future of Materials: Self-healing Polymers and Glass

Webinar 12 pm-1.15 pm, 5 May 2021

Hear from some of the universities involved in this multidisciplinary research collaboration about their developments of new compositions of self-healing material and the feasibility of manufacturing and designing with this technology.

In light of complex challenges such as climate change and sustainable development, the lifetime extension of materials and products is vital for reducing the rate at which natural resources are utilised within production systems. This is especially relevant to products and structures within the construction industry due to their high value and extended lifespan. One solution for this is self-healing materials, a technology that can deliver durability and longevity through their inherent ability to repair themselves, increasing both structural and aesthetic resilience.

Within this webinar, you will hear from the ESPRC funded consortium Manufacturing Immortality, a multidisciplinary research collaboration between seven UK universities: the University of Bristol, University of Exeter, Heriot-Watt University, Lancaster University, The University of Manchester, Northumbria University Newcastle and Sheffield Hallam University.

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