Bristol | Get in Gear for a Carbon Ready Future

Conference 6 pm-9 pm, 20 Jul 2022

CIAT Wessex and RIBA Bristol and Bath presents [Get in gear for a carbon ready future].

As every day passes, we are putting more pressures on our environment, which requires ever more demands from far flung sources. Whilst we are making moves in the built environment with revisions to established policies, followed with emerging policies. We are nevertheless in a critical time period where we need to analyse the way in which we use resources and how we can become more sustainable. Our question is how do we “Get in Gear for a Carbon Ready Future”. Arrive with an inquisitive thirst for making a change and questioning the status quo.

We are bringing you a fresh event that will have a panel of speakers present and seek to answer this question, which will be followed by a lively question and answer session and open networking thereafter.

The format of the event is as follows:

18:30 - Chaired by a member of our team, the speakers will be introduced and a brief context will be given for the evening.

18:35 - A panel of four speakers will each have 5 minutes to present on their chosen topic.

19:00 - 30 minutes allowed for questions and answers.

19:30 - Formal discussion brought to close by the chair of the evening.

Following the discussion, attendees will be encouraged to continue the conversation with one hour allowed for networking with beer and doughnuts supplied as refreshments.

Speakers to be announced over the coming weeks via CIAT Wessex and RIBA Bristol and Bath social channels: and

This event is sponsored by Taylor Maxwell Facades 

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