Webinar | Design of schools in relation to Indoor Environmental Quality

Webinar 11 am-12 pm, 7 Jul 2022

Free event from University of Plymouth.

Hear Low Carbon Devon’s Dr Sepideh Korsavi present her findings on how the design of schools can optimise indoor environmental quality whilst lowering the carbon footprint and energy bill for schools. Sepideh has carried out research in schools on indoor environmental quality and how this impacts pupils’ tiredness and comfort levels.

To hear how these ideas can be put into practice, we’ll also be joined by Jack Fleming, from Hydrock, an engineering design consultancy. Jack will talk of his experience working on school projects; the challenges required around designing schools that comply with the DfE’s standards, to budget, whilst navigating compromises to address overheating, energy usage and daylighting within school buildings.  

This event will be a useful insight for anyone involved in the design or management of schools and how we can optimise school buildings to help pupils be productive and engaged through factors such as appropriate temperature, air quality and light levels. According to children’s thermal comfort temperature, heating set point temperatures can be lowered to save energy consumption and reduce bills.

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Dr Sepideh Korsavi is our Industrial Research Fellow on Energy-efficient buildings. She focuses on reducing carbon emissions through energy efficiency in buildings.