CIAT membership

No matter where you are in your career, membership of CIAT is the ultimate recognition for a professional within the discipline of Architectural Technology. CIAT can help you get ahead with a range of grades dependent on your academic/professional achievements, employment status and/or experience.

Over 10,000 professionals in the UK and worldwide are members of the lead global, professional body in Architectural Technology and your membership can help provide you with a network to develop your professional career, and when you decide to progress your membership to prestigious Chartered status, MCIAT.

Becoming an Architectural Technology professional 

Architectural Technology professionals are innovators creating and adapting environments for future generations to live, work and play. As an AT professional, you will understand how materials and components behave and interact, which is critical to avoiding premature failure and ensuring  quality standards of design and construction.

See below the route to becoming an AT professional with CIAT:

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Relevant documents for joining CIAT


Relevant documents for membership progression

Examples of MCIAT Professional Assessment application