CIAT is one of 25 professional institutions licensed by the Society for the Environment to register individual members as Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv).

About the scheme

The Society for the Environment is the leading co-ordinating body in environmental matters and is a pre-eminent champion of a sustainable environment, with over 9000 Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv). CIAT is a constituent and licensed body of the Society for the Environment. This means that CIAT has the ability to award the Chartered Environmentalist qualification (CEnv) to its Chartered Members who are able to demonstrate their ability to meet the competences of the Society for the Environment.

Eligibility criteria

To become a Chartered Environmentalist, an applicant must:

  • be a Chartered Member, MCIAT;
  • have a relevant Master’s level degree or equivalent level of knowledge;
  • have sufficient, relevant and responsible practical experience to be able to demonstrate the competences;
  • demonstrate underpinning environmental knowledge and an ability to apply it in practice; and
  • agree to comply with the Society for the Environment’s Code of Ethics and CPD requirements of CIAT.

For full details on the eligibility criteria and evidence requirements see our Chartered Environmentalist Candidate Guidance Notes.


The application fee to become a Chartered Environmentalist is £200 and the annual subscription is £90, payable from 1 May. The total for the first year is £290 and cheques should be made payable to Architectural Technology Academy (ATA) Ltd.

You may be asked for additional documentary evidence in support of an application; this will be reassessed at no extra cost.

If a candidate is referred at the initial assessment stage, they are eligible to reapply at a later date and the reapplication fee is £50.

The Institute may request a candidate to attend a Professional Review Interview and the fee for this is £50.

For further details see our Candidate Guidance Notes.

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