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In advance of the elections for the positions of Honorary Secretary, Vice-President Education and Vice-President Practice, we are holding a hustings event.

In September, Council will be electing the Honorary Officer positions of:

  • Honorary Secretary
  • Vice-President Education
  • Vice-President Practice

In advance of the election, the candidates will be holding a hustings on Monday 12 June 2023 at 10:00 (BST).

The hustings will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the candidates running for position this year, enable you to ask them about their manifesto and help you find out exactly what they hope to achieve for the Institute if successful.

The Members running for position taking part in the hustings are:

Honorary Secretary
Gordon Souter MCIAT

Vice-President Education
Dr Ashok Ganapathy Iyer FCIAT
Paul Laycock MCIAT
Masoud Sajjadian FCIAT

Vice-President Practice
Dan Clements MCIAT

Read candidates' manifestos

The Hustings events are where we bring together the electoral candidates, to allow you to see them, hear their manifesto and for you to ask them any questions that are important to you.

Through attending these events you will gain knowledge and understanding about what the candidates can do for you. It will also demonstrate to you how important these elections are in ensuring that the right candidate is chosen, and how this will benefit the Institute, its members and affiliates and the profession as a whole.

If you have any questions or to submit a question in advance of the event, please email Project Management Executive, Joanne Rowlands at [email protected].

This event can only be attended by CIAT members and affiliates and you must register in advance. The full protocol for attendance will be provided in advance of the event.

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