The benefits of being on the Register include promotion via the following methods:

  • Having your course/seminar listed for twelve months on the AT CPD Register and featured in AT CPD Register Directory in the quarterly AT Journal.

  • Your course/seminar will be promoted via the Institute’s social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, at exhibitions which the Institute attends and by our Regional/Centre CPD Officers.

  • Upon your acceptance onto the AT CPD Register, your course/seminar will be featured in AT Weekly, the Institute's weekly e-newsletter sent to all our members, affiliates and contacts.

  • One page advert (worth £2750) and an opportunity for a 'Spotlight on' article in AT Journal, our quarterly journal sent to all members, affiliates and subscribers.

  • Providers have use of a 'CIAT/AT Academy CPD Certified logo' which can be used on all promotional material and may refer to themselves as a ‘CIAT/AT Academy Certified CPD Provider'. Only the official logo may be used; the Communications Department will issue this to you.

  • Have any planned sessions included in the events section on the website.

  • Information on your course/seminar will be disseminated to Region/Centre CPD Officers and aspirATion Group Chairs upon your initial acceptance onto the AT CPD Register. Details of all courses/seminars are then made available to Region/Centre CPD Officers and aspirATion Group Chairs online via the AT CPD Register and continued presence on the online events calendar.

  • Courses/seminars will remain on the Register for 12 months and will be frequently updated to publicise the next available dates for the course (if applicable).

  • The AT CPD Register will be easily accessed by CIAT’s members and affiliates online via the AT CPD Register and in AT Journal.

  • Dissemination of advertising flyers at annual industry exhibitions the Institute attends, including but, not limited to, FutureBuild and UK Construction Week. 

Applications to join are made online and accepted courses will be added to the Register within 28 days of applying. 

How will CPD be assessed?

Course content will be assessed according to its currency, relevance and how professionally beneficial it is to Architectural Technology professionals. This includes determining whether: 

  • the aims and objectives outlined, the mode in which the CPD will be delivered, duration, location as well as intended audience are appropriate;

  • promotion of service(s) and/or product(s) has been kept to a minimum;

  • the course content relates to the CIAT Professional Standards Framework or the built environment industry;

  • the course provides information to improve communication, conflict resolution, customer/client service, negotiation relevant to industry and practise;

  • legal or relevant legislative/regulatory issues are covered;

  • it provides updates on environment and sustainable issues;

  • expands on current/emerging topics, practises and/or technologies;

  • health, safety and welfare briefings are provided;

  • information on budgets/contracts is provided;

  • the learner develops an understanding of processes, materials, techniques, methods, technologies etc; and

  • content relates to client engagement, procurement, services and business practise.

*CIAT Certification implies that the course content has been assessed for its suitability and relevance to the Institute’s members but has not been formally assessed against CIAT’s Professional Standards Framework. CIAT Certification does not include assessment or approval of course delivery or its outputs.

CPD Assessment flowchart

How much does it cost?*

All applicants are required to pay a £36 non-refundable administration fee when submitting their application.

The registration and renewal fees are outlined below:

Administration fee (non-refundable) £30 £6   £36
Educational establishments £500 £100 £600 £636
Other organisations £750 £150 £900 £936
Third sector organisations £30 £6   £36

For third sector organisations and small practices that offer CPD but do not generate profit or business in kind (commissions etc), the fees of £636 for educational establishments or £936 for companies will be waived.

The administrative fee of £36 will still be charged. An email confirming that the organisation or practice does not derive a profit from the CPD course is sufficient. The application and assessment processes will remain the same.

Should you wish to offer 5 or more CPD courses on the AT CPD Register, you will receive a 25% discount of the total fee.

After 12 months, courses listed on the AT CPD Register are subject to the following renewal fees:

  Fee VAT Total
Educational establishments £187.50 £37.50 £225
Other organisations £291.67 £58.33 £350
Amendments to CPD courses £30 £6 £36

To amend course content outside of the review period, a non-refundable administration fee of £30 excl. VAT will be incurred to make the changes. 

*Please note that the prices quoted are per course.

After three submissions of the same course, we reserve our right to not accept further submissions if it is evident that no changes have been made in line with feedback that has been given.

For any queries or further information on the scheme, please email [email protected] or Dr Noora Kokkarinen, Education Director on +44(0)20 7278 2206

Terms and Conditions

CIAT will select assessors based on their suitability in relation to the course content submitted. 

All decisions are final and correspondence regarding the outcome will not be entered into. 

CIAT reserves the right for reviewers to attend courses periodically free of charge in order to monitor and assure quality.

Looking to renew your course on the Register?

Renewal benefits

Promotion via the following methods:

  • Continued presence in the AT CPD Register on website and quarterly in AT Journal.

  • Social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

  • AT Weekly, e-newsletter sent to all members and affiliates

  • Planned events promoted to members and affiliates and included in the events section of the website (provider to keep us informed).

  • Continued use of the ‘CIAT/AT Academy Certified CPD Provider’ logo.

  • Information disseminated to Region/Centre CPD Officers upon your renewal onto the Register and then online via the CPD Register and through AT Journal

  • Publish reviews (method of dissemination at Communications Director’s discretion) if member(s) or affiliates(s) praises the course/seminar to Central Office.

  • The AT CPD Register will be easily accessed by CIAT’s members and affiliates online via the AT CPD Register and in AT Journal.

  • Dissemination of advertising flyers at annual industry exhibitions the Institute attends including, but not limited to, FutureBuild and UK Construction Week. 

  • One-off ½ page advert (worth £1550).