Fellow Membership

Fellow Membership, FCIAT, complements the 'Chartered Architectural Technologist' professional qualification and is an acknowledgement of a Chartered Member's significant contribution to and/or excellence in Architectural Technology. 

Benefits of being a Fellow Member include:

  • The designation, FCIAT which sits alongside the protected descriptor ‘Chartered Architectural Technologist’.
  • It is an acknowledgement of your significant contribution to and/or excellence in Architectural Technology from your Institute and peers.
  • Distinction within Architectural Technology.
  • It gives additional external recognition and eminence from colleagues, peers, clients and employers.
  • It forms part of the continued profile-raising of Architectural Technology as a discipline and profession.
  • It offers the opportunity to be involved with, and represent the Institute within your area of excellence and/or significance.
  • It enables you to be part of the built environment community of Fellows.


How to become a Fellow?

You must be a Chartered Architectural Technologist and complete the online application form and demonstrate your significant contribution to and/or excellence in Architectural Technology.

Your submission is limited to a maximum of 1650 words and must include:

  • Context: Information about you and a brief overview of your activity within Architectural Technology.
  • Significant Contribution and/or Excellence: Information on why you are applying for Fellow Membership. This should include: what you believe you have contributed to and/or how you have achieved excellence in Architectural Technology, when you achieved it, how it was achieved and in which sphere of Architectural Technology it was achieved. (For example: professional practice, policy, academia, research, specialist areas, government, industry, the Institute).
  • Impact: Information on the change, effect or influence you believe your significant contribution and/or excellence has had, and the scope of this impact: local, national, international or global.
  • Value: Of Fellow Membership to you and how you would use it to contribute further to Architectural Technology.


Apply to be a Fellow Member

Applicants are required to complete all sections of this form, include relevant and focused information and supporting documentation if appropriate and pay the £300 application fee.

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