The below titles and descriptors are guidelines for members and affiliates when seeking clarity to define their profession and role.

These have been approved by Executive Board, who appreciate that in some cases the job function or role will dictate that the individual does not fit within the generic profile of a Chartered Architectural Technologist or Architectural Technology professional, and that job titles will link closely to the specific role and/or profile of the employer.

Chartered Architectural Technologist - MCIAT

Chartered Architectural Technologist is a legally protected title and descriptor; its use is restricted to those individuals who have successfully completed the qualifying process of CIAT, the only body which can award this status. It enables those who have attained it, to use the designation of MCIAT. Whenever possible, reference to Chartered Architectural Technologist should be made to differentiate against those unqualified Architectural Technology professionals.

Fellow Member - FCIAT

Chartered Architectural Technologists who have demonstrated significant contribution to and/or excellence in Architectural Technology are able to use the FCIAT designation, which sits alongside the protected title and descriptor 'Chartered Architectural Technologist'. Fellow Membership is not a higher level to that of Chartered Architectural Technologist, but a class of membership which complements the professional qualification. Fellow Members should describe themselves as such:
Lorraine McCall FCIAT
Chartered Architectural Technologist

Associate members - ACIAT

Associate membership should be regarded as recognition of academic achievement within Architectural Technology and a holding class of membership as they progress to Chartered Architectural Technologist. Holders of a recognised academic qualification, are part-qualified as an Architectural Technology professional and should be using their experience to collate the appropriate evidence to qualify via the MCIAT Professional and Occupational Performance (POP) Record or MCIAT Professional Assessment (PA).

Recommended job titles:

  • Graduate Architectural Technologist (if graduated from an Architectural Technology degree programme)
  • Associate member of CIAT
  • Part-Qualified Architectural Technologist
  • Trainee Architectural Technologist
  • Junior Architectural Technologist
  • Part-Qualified Architectural Technician
  • Trainee Architectural Technician
  • Junior Architectural Technician

Student members - no designation

Student membership is a vital first step towards professional qualification as a Chartered Architectural Technologist. Student members will be able to hold this class of membership until they complete the academic part of their professional development. 

Recommended job titles:

  • Trainee Architectural Technologist
  • Junior Architectural Technologist
  • Student Architectural Technologist
  • Trainee Architectural Technician
  • Junior Architectural Technician
  • Student Architectural Technician

affiliates (AT professionals) - no designation

CIAT prides itself on being an inclusive organisation and for this reason, affiliate status was introduced to enable those with the requisite professional experience, but not necessarily a recognised academic qualification, the opportunity to progress and qualify as a Chartered Architectural Technologist. It is important to understand that affiliate status is a holding category (as defined in section B of our Code of Conduct) and affiliates are permitted to promote their affiliation with CIAT to prospective clients and peers by referring to themselves as:

  • 'CIAT affiliate' or
  • 'CIAT affiliate whilst working towards attaining Chartered Architectural Technologist, MCIAT status'

Please see Requirements for Registration: CIAT Affiliates in Practice for further information.

Affiliates (non AT professionals) - no designation

CIAT has also introduced an affiliate status for those individuals who are not AT professionals but have an interest in Architectural Technology and/or built environment sector and wish to be associated with CIAT and support the discipline. Those individuals must adhere to section C of our Code of Conduct at all times and they refer to themselves as:

  • 'CIAT affiliate'