Congratulations on becoming a Chartered Architectural Technologist, MCIAT!

The Institute has a wealth of opportunities for you to be involved in, as well as an opportunity to further engage with and grow your network within our Region, Centre and aspirATion Groups.

Further your knowledge and expertise via our AT CPD Register and/or consider attaining specialist qualifications.

Attend an AGM

The AGM, usually held in November, is the yearly business meeting for the Institute. Any member can attend the AGM either in person or online, but you could now attend as a Voting Delegate for your Region/Centre.

Learn more about the AGM

Enter the AT Awards

Celebrating Architectural Technology at its best, the AT Awards recognise excellence in Architectural Technology. You are now eligible to be nominated for:

  • Chartered Architectural Technologist of the Year; and/or
  • Emerging Talent in the Technology of Architecture
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Further qualifications

Specialist Registers

Become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)
The built environment sector needs more qualified and licensed professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience to help solve the ever-increasing amount of complex sustainability and environmental challenges it faces.

Become a CIAT-Accredited Conservationist
Those knowledgeable and competent in conservation of historical buildings/assets and their surroundings are encouraged to apply. After becoming accredited you can act as lead consultant on centrally funded projects.

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Become a Fellow Member, FCIAT

Fellow Membership is an acknowledgement of a Chartered Member's significant contribution to and/or excellence in Architectural Technology.

Learn more about Fellow Membership, FCIAT

How can I get more involved? 

Join a Region/Centre Committee
Attending  Region/Centre events or becoming active on their Committees is a good way to network with ATs and professional peers in your locality.

aspirATion Groups
This is an excellent way to become involved with aspiring AT professionals as they progress in the profession.

Technology Network
This network allows members and affiliates to share a wealth of information and speak to each other on a variety of issues via the Institute's Directory and can be accessed via the 'My CIAT' section of the website.

Mentor Match Me Scheme
The Institute's mentoring scheme aims to help members and affiliates with their career progression, growth and development to be matched with suitable mentors. Please do consider giving back to the profession by registering as a Mentor.

Become an Assessor
Now that you have completed the qualifying process, you understand the importance of assessors as integral for the continuation of the discipline, profession and CIAT. If you are a CEnv or Conservationist, you can express your interest by emailing [email protected]. For the Chartered or Fellow Membership, this is by invitation only.

Exhibitions, shows and conferences

  • A mixture of online or in-person (check AT Weekly or events calendar)
  • Submit a paper and/or attend on behalf of CIAT at international events
  • Chartered Architectural Technologists for 'Ask the Expert' hubs

AT Journal

  • Write articles or case studies for AT Journal and the website
  • Sit on the AT Journal Editorial Panel

Education Department

  • Specialists are needed to engage with Accredited degree programmes and their students
  • Members are needed to assist with accreditation visits on the Panels 

Task Forces and Groups

  • Public Procurement Task Force (local to Regions only)
  • Practice and Technical Department Task Forces: please contact the Practice and Technical Department on [email protected] for further information