90% of cladding remediation complete or underway

Cladding remediation work accelerated in December 2020, with work started or complete on 90% (417) of all identified high-rise residential and publicly owned buildings in England, according to official figures.

As of the end of December 2020, the number of buildings where work to remove and replace unsafe aluminium composite material (ACM) had either been completed or had started to increase by 31 – the highest monthly increase in 2020.

During 2020, 159 buildings started works, compared to 90 in 2019 and 111 in 2018.

The most recent figures show that 64% of all identified buildings (297 in total) no longer have ACM cladding systems – an increase of 30 since the end of November.

Of the 45 buildings where work is still yet to start, 13 were identified in 2020 while seven are vacant.

Meanwhile, the figures revealed that 100% (156) of social sector buildings have now completed or started remediation, with 91% having had their ACM cladding removed. Some 82% (176) of private sector buildings have either started or completed remediation.

This article originally appeared on Construction Manager

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