Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum changes name

After nearly two years, the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum - of which CIAT is a key member - has changed its name to reflect its expanded remit and ongoing collaborative vision for the future.

The unique alliance of trade associations and professional bodies, including CIAT, has been rebranded as the Construction Industry Collective Voice (CICV), putting more emphasis on its shared focus and willingness to tackle the many other issues currently facing the construction industry.

The move has been hailed as a "natural evolution" for the body, whose range of work now includes Brexit, net zero, supply chain, employment and skills, project bank accounts and the launch of a dedicated Green Home Festival in 2022.

Alan Wilson, CICV Chair, said: “The New Year is a time for new beginnings and this change of name is a logical step for a body which has exceeded expectations in every department as it has helped steer the Scottish building sector through the worst crisis in its history

“As we have all seen recently, the pandemic can still surprise us, but the strong feeling across the organisation is that it is time to move on from purely Covid-related activity and turn our collective attentions to many other pressing matters.

“This new purpose will be underpinned by the teamwork and togetherness which the CICV has generated, as well as the sharing of ideas and information which has worked so well and which has produced such good results.

“By retaining the CICV initials which have become so well known across the industry, the body can maintain its respected profile and build on the unprecedented collaboration and co-operation which has changed ways of thinking and working across the built environment.”

Since its creation, CIAT has helped the CICV maintain a steady supply of information and practical advice to the sector as well as carrying out surveys, hosting webinars and speaking directly to Scottish Government on a wide range of issues.

Its free resources included vital updates on commercial, employment and health and safety matters, delivering a strong pipeline of relevant, practical and easy-to-understand information that helped steer the sector through the darkest days of the pandemic.

The CICV is now committing these considerable joint resources to the long-term health and sustainable growth of a sector which is a major economic multiplier, employing around 175,000 people in Scotland and contributing £21.5 billion to GDP.