Discover London's circular construction & design future with The Edge

Premiering at London Design Festival 2021, EDGE London, the city's first sustainable construction and design resource centre, will be showcasing the best that the market has to offer in circular products and materials for living and working spaces, and sharing insights into the future of the industry.

For its grand opening on Monday 20 September, EDGE is opening its showroom for a daily series of expert talks. Under the theme of London's Circular Construction and Design Future, sustainability specialists from EDGE's partner brands will delve into some of the problems that exist in the construction and design sectors, and what can be done to remedy these. They will be sharing innovative, alternative solutions, as well as best practices for ensuring waste and emissions minimisation.

Expert speaker sessions will look at topics including:

  • Nature-inspired architecture
  • Harnessing the power of nature to create perfect indoor climates
  • Greening the urban environment 
  • Sustainable waterproofing strategies
  • Upcycling waste

Free to attend, these speaker sessions will be delivered live at the EDGE showroom in Marylebone, as well as being streamed live from EDGE's Instagram page (@edge_ecodesign), with time for Q&As after each talk. To learn more about these events and to register to attend, click here, or click here to book an appointment to visit the showroom.

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