Essential Approved Documents for construction professionals available from RIBA Books

Four new Approved Documents have been launched as part of Building Regulations in the UK, and will be available to buy as hard reference copies from RIBA Books from February.

The new Approved Documents include two brand new and two updated documents. 

The documents which have been updated are: Ventilation: Approved Document F, and Conservation of fuel and power: Approved Document L, which are now available in two volumes each.

The new documents are: Overheating: Approved Document O, and Infrastructure for charging electric vehicles: Approved Document S, which reflect two areas of significant new development and increased focus in the built environment over recent years.

These are important reference documents for designers and other construction professionals, including building surveyors, and specialist contractors in roofing, heating and passive house certification, alongside electrical infrastructure engineers. The hard reference copies are an essential addition to any office.

The documents will come into force on 15 June 2022.

Find more information and purchase your copies here:

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