Find out more about: Association of European Experts in Building and Construction (AEEBC)

Find out more about the Association of European Experts in Building and Construction (AEEBC).

The AEEBC aims to promote the building and construction professions throughout Europe, and facilitate the exchange of experience and information between professionally qualified building and construction experts. AEEBC Members include construction experts from all over Europe and membership comprises professional associations, construction companies, individuals with an interest in, or who work in the sector and educational bodies which offer relevant qualifications. CIAT has been a Principal member of the AEEBC since 2009 and the Institute works alongside representatives of other related professions across Europe, including building surveyors, technical architects, and construction managers.

The AEEBC is involved in projects covering all aspects relevant to the profession of building and construction experts. It is recognised within the AEEBC that each member country faces ongoing legislative changes related to their profession that is largely driven by EU legislation. The opportunity to disseminate and discuss each country's approach, understanding and implementation is key to the ethos of the AEEBC.

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Read the AEEBC year-end report 2021 from President of the AEEBC, Robert Patterson, here.

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