Homes England to launch dynamic frameworks

Homes England will switch to a new 'dynamic purchasing system' that will allow housebuilders to join its list of preferred developers whenever they choose from 1 September.

The Delivery Partner DPS is replacing the Delivery Partner Panel (DPP3), which only allowed housebuilders to join the framework when it was renewed, once every four years.

The Delivery Partner DPS will also be available to Homes England's public sector partners to help them procure a developer or contractor to build homes on sites they own.

The application process will also take the size of the developer into account, with SMEs bidding to deliver smaller sites to benefit from simpler entry criteria, whereas the entry criteria for developers bidding to deliver larger strategic sites will be proportionately more testing.

The application phase for this new Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) starts on 24 May. This initial application phase will run from 24 May 2021 to 25 June 2021 and the official launch of the new system will follow shortly afterward on 1 September 2021.

Successful applicants will become members of the DPS when it launches on 1 September 2021 and applications will then re-open on an ongoing basis enabling new market entrants to join at any time.

This article originally appeared on Construction Manager

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