Investigating stress and fatigue amongst professionals in the construction industry

Follow up study in 2019 to further investigate the triggers of stress and fatigue in the industry

A study on stress and fatigue in the construction industry was carried out by UCL in 2017. The research established that stress and fatigue in construction has key contributors which include:

  • Poor colleague relationships
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Poor career prospects

However, the main stress and fatigue trigger identified was working more than the contracted hours, as was the case for close to two thirds of respondents. It was also found that time spent on recreational activities was sacrificed more often when compared to social activities.


This follow up study in 2019 is further investigating the triggers of stress and fatigue - in particular amongst professionals in the construction industry and is again being conducted in conjunction with University College London (UCL). The link to the survey is below:


All participation is voluntary and any data collected is both anonymous and confidential. No individual identifying data is being collected.


You may feel free to omit some questions if you choose.


Please follow the instructions below and distribute to your networks across the built environment especially among the professional team. Your input and support is much appreciated.


Please seek to complete the survey by the end of January 2019.