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CIAT's Technical Standards Taskforce oversees and manages the Institute's activities relating to technical standards that we are directly involved with and those which we have an interest in. As with any professional body, the expertise and knowledge come from the membership and the Taskforce is keen to hear from any member who wishes to ensure that CIAT is included in effecting change and improvements to our industry. 

With representation on many British Standards and involvement in various other standards, CIAT has a dedicated group to encourage quality responses to mitigate conflicts and promote workable solutions across the industry. The overarching aim of the group is to identify gaps and be proactive in producing robust and workable guidance.

It comprises a core group, led and chaired and by President Elect Kevin Crawford MCIAT (previous Vice-President Technical), CIAT representative on CB/1, Architectural Design and Construction, BS5606, Guide to Accuracy in Buildings and CIAT representative of CIC Housing Panel, looking at Housing Standards. This core group is already supported by an ever-increasing virtual group of interested parties and those directly involved in writing and using standards on behalf of CIAT.

Further information on the Technical Standards Taskforce can be found here.

If you would like to join this Group to make a difference, please email Graham Chalkley, Assistant Practice Director, at [email protected] for an expression of interest form.

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