Keith Snook HonMCIAT retires

Honorary Member will continue to advise CIAT

Keith Snook HonMCIAT has announced his retirement and is stepping down from his role at BRE.

Keith was made an Honorary Member of CIAT in 2008 in recognition of his work and support of the Institute. Historically, he has represented the Institute on various BSi committees including B555, and has provided guidance in all aspects regarding Building Information Modelling (BIM) and ensuring CIAT’s position as being at the forefront of this initiative.  He has proved to be an invaluable source of information and support in a wide range of topics and areas.

He has also had a long and varied career in the construction industry, including his work at BRE and Construction Production Information Committee in the 1970s. He was Director of Practice and later Director of Research and Development at RIBA, and he has also spent time as a guest lecturer at Cambridge University.

Keith has made a huge contribution to the industry's technical publications , including several in-depth articles on BIM for CIAT's AT Journal, as well as contributing to British Standards.  

Although retiring from full time work this month, Keith will continue to represent the Institute, and he remains a valued member of CIAT’s Special Issues Taskforce and the CIAT/RIBA/BRE Technical Taskforce.  He will also continue his work with British Standards Institution. 

All his friends and colleagues here at CIAT wish him every happiness in his retirement.