Manual to the Building Regulations

A note from Vice-President Technical, Steven Hedley MCIAT on the newly published Manual to the Building Regulations by MHCLG.

Attached for your reference and information is the Manual to the Building Regulations that was published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) last week.

This is a short manual on the Building Regulations, offering guidance to those considering building in England, and which has been split into two volumes. Volume 1 of the manual gives a high-level outline of how the Building Regulations system currently works, with Volume 2 providing more detail.

Please note that this manual is only a summary, and further information on building regulations can be found via Planning Portal at the following link:

The government has also published a downloadable PDF of Merged Approved Documents, which can be obtained here. You are advised to check that the version of each approved document you are using is current as well as being correct for your project. If there are any queries regarding this, please refer to the MHCLG website to check, and confirm with your building control body if there is any doubt.

Steven Hedley MCIAT
Vice-President Technical 

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Building Regulations