Mentor Match Me

Find out how the Institute's mentoring programme can help your career

What is Mentor Match Me?

The Institute's online mentoring platform allows experienced members who act as mentors, to assist other members working in the industry in a variety of areas by providing a range of support, advice and guidance to the mentees. The platform also encourages e-learning. It supports a wide range of learning and development resources

Areas of support include:

Membership progression/qualifying, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Education/careers, Setting up in practice/offering services, Employment/jobs, International – support from our Centres, Media/PR, Awards, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Leadership/management

We are excited to announce the launch of our all new, revamped mentoring platform. Following on from the successful launch of our current platform we have looked to improve the user experience and to make the new platform much more intuitive.

Our new platform will make connecting with a mentor or mentee much simpler and will make managing your mentoring relationships a smooth and practical experience.

What’s new?

Improved functionality – sleeker, simplified and user-friendly, with a dashboard that enables you to easily keep track of your mentoring relationships and to contact your mentor/mentee.

Improved user journey – we have created a stage-based mentoring journey and now provide the tools and information you need at the stage you need them.

Knowledge base – a series of short, helpful videos as well as interactive tools to help you develop clear goals to help structure and guide development.

Reminders and prompts – we will be in touch more often via email to help check up on your progress and offer support where needed.

Additional features – we now offer an 'Ask a question' feature so if you don’t want to enter into a full mentoring relationship but would like to benefit from one of our mentor's experience around a particular issue then you can use this feature.

If you are already using the platform we will have sent you an email to let you know some more details about the transition.

If you want to learn more and haven’t already set up an account as a mentor or mentee then you can register at