Research – Business impacts in the UK

The UK Government's Professional and Business Services team are seeking responses that will help to identify key challenges that are affecting businesses.

These include the global rise in energy prices, inflation, labour shortages etc. 

They are seeking responses to the following questions:

  • What impacts, if any, are being felt currently? Quantification of the scale of any impact is particularly useful. Impacts of interest:  
    - Costs 
    - Revenue 
    - Jobs 
    - Competitiveness / productivity 
  • How do impacts / costs this year compare with previous years? 
  • How significant are these impacts to your business? Do these impacts pose any risk to the viability of your business? 
  • Of the considerations listed below, how would you rank order them from most impactful to least impactful? 
  • What, if any, interventions by government have mitigated these impacts in the past? What measures might government consider in mitigation? 

… regarding the following forms of business disruption: 

- Price of energy 
- Supply chain disruption
- Industrial action
- Inflation
- COVID-19
- Skills / labour shortage 

  • Are there any other forms of business disruption you are experience that are not listed above and how do the above questions apply to that/those issue(s)? 

Please email your responses to [email protected]

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