Shaping the Future of Environmental Protection: Environment Bill Governance Arrangements in Northern Ireland

The EPF is hosting an online event series to facilitate how the future governance arrangements set out in the Environment Bill can be implemented to best effect in Northern Ireland.

The series will commence with a webinar, allowing you to hear perspectives from the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, business groups and NGOs on the core governance elements in the Bill and plans on how best to take them forward. Join this session to hear from experts on: Environmental Improvement Plans, Policy Statement on Environmental Principles and the Office for Environmental Protection.

Following this, three separate workshops will be hosted as an opportunity for discussion and debate on the core governance elements. The series will be closed by a webinar session on 26 May where feedback will be provided on the core issues raised in the workshops and shared recommendations for taking forward the Environment Bill governance arrangements in Northern Ireland.

Please note that attendance at the three workshops is limited to those working or living on the island of Ireland.

You can view further information here.

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