Study finds 'knowledge gaps' on Building Safety Act responsibilities

NBS' 2024 Building Safety Survey reveals industry still 'unsure' of high-rise legislation.

The study by NBS found that 'nearly half of specifiers are still unsure of the responsibilities attached to the Building Safety Act 2022'.

Findings from NBS' Building Safety Survey showed that half of respondents were either unsure or had no idea of duty holder responsibilities for Higher Risk Buildings (HRBs). NBS say the figures could be seen as 'concerning given that around two in three respondents (66%) have past experience working on HRB projects'.

It also found that nearly half (44%) of respondents are unsure or have no idea what steps to take within the new building safety regime. The figures come nearly a year after the BSA was passed in Parliament.

The Golden Thread, as well as providing a continuous flow of information throughout the entire lifecycle of a building, ensures all relevant safety-related information is relevant and up to date. NBS said only around half of respondents (45%) were clear as to how they would manage building information to realise the Golden Thread and that just one in ten had a solid plan in place.

The study did highlight some more reassuring stats, particularly around third-party testing and the information being supplied by manufacturers - which is increasing safety within specifications. The report flagged that nine out of ten suppliers now provide ‘clear and accurate’ building product data in a digital format. At least eight out of ten also provide third-party certification with their products and have robust internal sign-off and version control processes.

Commenting on the survey’s results, David Bain, NBS’ Research Manager, said:

Consistency is the backbone of progress and the stakes have never been higher when it comes to HRBs. These studies serve to highlight ‘trouble spots’ and importantly, offer an understanding of how to take the industry forward as a whole.

To download NBS’ Building Safety Whitepaper, click here

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