Tools to boost building safety launched for social housing

Tools to improve culture and leadership around building safety is now available for housing associations and the social housing sector.

The Building a Safer Future (BSF) is an initiative which aims to drive change to improve safety in buildings across the built environment.

The BSF's Champions pathway helps organisations gain measurable insight into their leadership and culture around safety and make improvements. The pathway has been developed in conjunction with the National Housing Federation (NHF) and officially launched at the federations conference on 22 February.

NHF Head of Building and Fire Safety Programmes, Victoria Moffett, encouraged federation members to sign up.

She said: "The pathway is a robust way for housing associations to assess their readiness for the new regulations, or understand where they might need to do more before regulations take effect, creating a culture of safety within their organisations."

The assessment process comprises two modules. The first stage looks in depth at leadership and culture within an organisation and develops statistically significant datasets to measure against. A second stage involves scrutinising, against a framework of expectations, the organisations processes and procedures in relation to building safety. 

To take part in the BSF Champions programme complete the application on the website or email [email protected]

This article first appeared on Construction Manager

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