Fire modelling is used primarily to predict the speed of smoke and heat from fires. BRE pioneered the original development and application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create fire models that can when expertly used, be powerful design and safety tools.

CFD models predict smoke and heat movement in buildings of any design and, with the advent of performance-based codes, are increasingly used in fire safety engineering. 

The learning objectives of this online course are:

  • Understand how fire modelling works

  • Appreciate how fire modelling can be used to predict the progress of a fire

  • Use fire modelling information effectively

The course covers:

  • Prescriptive, functional and performance-based approaches to meet fire safety requirements (Building Regulations B1 to B5)

  • Fire investigation – hypothesis testing

  • Design development

  • 'Build and burn' scale models and full-size reconstruction

  • Numerical models

  • Constructing a timeline

  • ASET – Available Safe Egress Time

  • RSET – Required Safe Egress Time

This course is aimed at building engineers, designers, fire safety engineers/consultancies and regulatory authorities.

This course is not currently running. Please check this page for any updates or contact BRE directly via email below.

Cost/fee for attendance: £42.50+VAT.
(This fee includes a 15% discount which members can secure by using the discount code CIAT15 at checkout)
Email: [email protected]

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