Compartmentation is an essential part of fire safety design as it subdivides a building into areas of manageable risk, to provide adequate means of escape, and to provide fire separation for adjoining buildings.

The fire resistance of a fire compartment wall or floor is defined in time in minutes and requires fire integrity and fire insulation.

This course provides and overview of fire stopping and compartmentation, what the regulations require and how to carry out an inspection.

The course covers:

  • The definition of fire stopping and comparmentation

  • Building Regulations and Regulatory Reform Order

  • Evidence of fire performance

  • Fire stopping product selection criterion

  • Fire stopping products and systems. Generic types

  • Definitions

  • Reference and background information

  • Inspection of fire stopping

  • Key points of inspection

  • Case studies

  • Reference and background information

The course is aimed at those who are required to install, maintain and inspect fire stopping and compartmentation.

This course is not currently running. Please check this page for any updates or contact BRE directly via email below.

Cost/fee for attendance: £297.50 + VAT 
(CIAT members can secure this price (which represents a 15% reduction on the standard price) by using the discount code CIAT15)
Email: [email protected]

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