N.B.: You must read the Requirements for CIAT Chartered Practices document before completing this form.

CIAT Chartered Practice logo
Chartered Architectural Technologists registering their practice as a CIAT Chartered Practice are able to use the CIAT Chartered Practice logo which can be downloaded here for use on stationery and promotional materials. This logo must be used as per the Conditions of Use. If you are using the logo, then please include it in your stationery uploads for approval.


Practice Registration Form for Chartered Members

This Form is for use by Chartered Members as defined within the Code of Conduct:

Chartered Members (MCIAT)
Individuals who are acting as principals and offering and/or providing services directly to a client.

Registering your practice

If you operate more than one practice (this includes subsidiaries), you must register each practice by completing a new Practice Registration Form for each practice.1

As per Clause A3c) of the Code of Conduct:

Chartered Members acting as principals shall:

i. obtain and maintain formal registration of their practice with the Institute; and
ii. comply with the requirements for registration as published by the Institute from time to time.

SECTION A – Chartered Member’s details

As a requirement of your Chartered membership you must ensure that the Practice Department is kept up to date with your current designations, i.e. if you lapse membership of another professional body or organisation, in writing. You must submit electronic copies of your revised practice stationery to demonstrate compliance.

SECTION B – Practice Details

Please state below the details of all Company Directors or Equity Partners/Equity Associates/Equity LLP:

Please state names and professional qualifications of consultants at the practice:

Additional information

SECTION C – Practice Stationery and Promotional Materials

All items must be submitted or links attached for approval by the Institute,

Any changes to your Practice, which include, style, descriptions, details (phone numbers, social media links etc.) must be approved by the Practice Department prior to use. These proposed changes must be submitted electronically or with links to the Practice Department for approval.

Section D – Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

In compliance with Clause A4) of the Code of Conduct: 

Chartered Members who:

a) provide services directly to a client shall obtain and maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance;

b) are principals of a practice providing services directly to a client shall ensure that adequate professional indemnity insurance is

obtained and maintained by that practice.

You are required to submit a copy of your current schedule or certificate of cover showing the start and expiry date of professional indemnity insurance for the named practice in Section B.

SECTION F – Declaration

  • I submit this form and supporting documentation as an accurate record of my practice, as named in Section B
  • I understand the requirements as set out in the current versions of the Code of Conduct and the Requirements for Registration – CIAT Chartered Practices.
  • I understand that all descriptors and/or titles I use must be accurate and factual both in the countries where I am based and all countries in which I offer and/or provide services,
  • Any use of the CIAT Chartered Practice Logo will be in compliance with the conditions of use, issued with the CIAT Chartered Practice logo, the copyright of which remains with CIAT
  • If I cease to provide services to clients, I will advise the Institute in writing and take all actions as required by the Institute in compliance with the Code of Conduct.
  • If I operate more than one practice, I have applied for its/their registration with another Practice Registration Form.
  • Confirm that a complaints handling procedure is in place for the practice to assist in resolving any perceived grievance by its clients.

I agree to accept the decision of the Institute regarding my practice registration and understand that the Institute must approve my business stationery (including websites and web pages), in any form (print or electronic). If at any time my practice circumstances change, or amendments are made to my stationery then I must notify the Institute by submit a new Practice Registration Form and gain the required approvals

[1] If you are the Equity Director/Partner/LLP member/Principal of more than one practice, you will need to complete a Practice Registration Form for Chartered Members for each practice, and provide evidence of professional indemnity insurance as well as samples of the business stationery for Institute approval. This form also provides for those offering and providing services paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, to friends or family or others or working in a freelance capacity.

All personal data will be held in keeping with GDPR principles, and the Institute’s Privacy Policy and record retention policies.