Boost your skills – sign up for the WorldSkills UK Digital Construction competition

WorldSkills UK has just announced the launch of this year's Digital Construction competition.

What is the WorldSkills UK Digital Construction Competition?
The competition has been developed together with industry professionals to enhance the process of delivering and operating the Built Environment. Students will be working on a BIM project information model, will produce Structural and Architectural models, coordinate and manage the Project Information according to the ISO 19650 Standards series, and finally apply costs and digital site execution Workflows.

Who can participate?
This competition is intended for those studying, training and/or working in the Built Environment. The competition is based on the skills attained by trainees who are studying or enrolled on a level 6 programme or who have achieved a level 6 qualification in the last 12 months. (Up to level 6 for England, Northern Ireland and Wales, and up to level 9 for Scotland or up to four years' experience including education and a working environment.)

What do AT students say?

"I think being able to say that you are the best in the UK at your chosen skill is such an amazing achievement and I am so proud of all my hard work and dedication. The education at New College Lanarkshire and Edinburgh Napier and the competition has given me the confidence and knowledge I needed to take my skills and efficiently apply them within my current role in the workplace."
Sophie Orr, former student on the Architectural Technology programme at Edinburgh Napier University, won Gold in the WorldSkills UK 2019 National Final.

"When you're under pressure and must deliver things on time, it's very similar to the industry. You're always going to have deadlines that you have to comply with. You establish that work ethic and knowing that competition is coming, you have to self-advocate and prepare yourself in advance. I would say that preparing, competing and getting the results is very rewarding. It's the same in the workplace. When you do a good job people notice that and you're going to be rewarded later."
Viroel Mihailuc, former student of the AT programme at Middlesex University, won Silver in the WorldSkills UK 2019 National Final.

What is the timeline?

How will the Competitions be delivered?
The Passive Stage (19 May)

Once registered, the competitors will receive an email to join a Learning Management System. The platform will allow students to take practice tests with direct feedback on where to build your skills. The Exam will take place virtually over the course of one hour.

The Regional Competition (9 June)
The top 30+ students will participate in a virtual 6 hour live Competition via Zoom over the course of one day.

The National Competition (17-20 November)
The top 8 students will participate in a 16 hours onsite national competition which will take place over three days.

Will I be able to practice/build my skills prior to the competition?
Yes, New College Lanarkshire has developed YouTube tutorials which cover the Tasks of the Competition and will allow students to practice prior to the Competition.

Which Software Products will be used?
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk Navisworks Manage
Autodesk Construction Cloud

Learn more about the event via the link here and register for the WorldSkills UK Digital Construction Kickoff webinar on 25 April 2021 here.

What do AT educators say?

"One of the things that I like about this competition is how everything is integrated. The tasks are all related to each other. They emulate a work environment in putting the documents, the models, the data management systems all together in one, not just working on different software. It's a holistic approach to a management system and a great continuation of what the Students are learning at University.”
Dr. Noha Saleeb ACIAT, Associate Professor in creative technologies and construction, Design Engineering Department at Middlesex University.

“It’s very difficult to get students to blow their own trumpet, et cetera, as to what sort of skills they have got. Benchmarking exercises like the Competition, are an excellent vehicle giving the students feedback of where they stand amongst their peers for when they’re putting CVs together.” 
Geoff Olner, senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University

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