Chartered Architectural Technologist is new Champion of CIC 2050 Group

Ray Ockenden MCIAT has been appointed Champion of the CIC 2050 Group.

The CIC 2050 Group represents those in the industry who are at the start of their career to ensure the link between young professionals and the leadership of the industry.

The Group comprises members from a range of discipline across the built environment, giving their time on behalf of the different Professional Institution members of CIC they represent.

The Group's vision is to provide a collaborative forum and platform for all members of all disciplines and professional bodies to develop ideas, share knowledge and promote advancement of sustainable industry inititatives with a view to achieving a carbon neutral industry by the year 2050.

The 2050 Group Champion is the principal representative of young members within the CIC, encouraging and leading an active forum that offers unique perspectives and thought leadership to promote more sustainable strategies and practices within the industry.

Ray Ockenden MCIAT said of his appointment: "I am pleased to have been appointed the Champion of the CIC 2050 Group, a group that aims to help forge links between the current generation of industry leaders and the future generation, to promote sustainable strategies and practices within the industry, leading to better principles of design and construction.

"The construction industry is at a critical point and needs to reduce its damaging contribution to the greenhouse gases being produced. Hopefully, the coming years of construction will bring a positive change and I would like to do my part to help."

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