CIAT holds first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce event

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Taskforce in conjunction with David Comiskey MCIAT hosted an online seminar on 'Changing Attitudes Towards the Mental Wellbeing of Early Career Architectural Technology Professionals'.

The session focused on the important topic of the mental wellbeing of early career professionals within the Architectural Technology sector. It provided suggestions designed to help individuals make small changes which can make a big difference to their own lives or the lives of others as well as discussing the help which is available.

It included an introduction from Eddie Weir PCIAT, a talk by David Comiskey MCIAT and a round-up from Tom Shore of the Architects’ Benevolent Society to discuss the support available.

Eddie Weir PCIAT began the event: "It goes without saying, especially when you see what is happening around the world at the moment, these times have demonstrated how important equality, diversity and inclusivity is within our society, and as part of my inaugural speech in November 2019 when I became your President, I spoke about the importance of this work. Earlier last year we set up the Institute's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce and we have since had our inaugural meeting, making great strides in preparation of our new, updated policies."

He continued: "Promoting and supporting equality and diversity in the Architectural Technology community is vitally important because it's about valuing each member as an individual. It is critical to have an inclusive environment where every member feels able to participate and achieve their potential.

"We all know that there's UK legislation covering age, disability, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation amongst others that already sets minimum standards. Our effective EDI strategy goes beyond that and seeks to add value to the Institute which has subsequently contributed to our members' well-being and engagement.

"CIAT is committed to making Architectural Technology a diverse and inclusive profession and representative of the societies that our members work within to create a safe environment for the Architectural Technology community."

You can watch the event in full below:


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