CIAT launches working group for Grenfell Tower

Fire safety research team set up following disaster

In response to the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, CIAT has established a Working Group which will work in conjunction with the Construction Industry Council (CIC), of which CIAT is a full member. CIC held a meeting of 36 professional bodies, which included CIAT representatives; your President and a Chartered Member who is also a fire engineer and specialist. At the meeting key areas were identified, to which CIAT will offer its full support.

CIAT's initial response following the meeting of the CIC Expert Panel, held on 6 July, can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF below.

CIC response to Grenfell 12 July 2017.pdf


The Institute has also agreed to contribute some financial support to CIC to enable the appointment of a project manager to lead on this work for at least the next four months.

CIAT’s own Working Group will feed into the work being undertaken by CIC. This is intended to work remotely. If you have relevant experience and/or evidence and would like to contribute and get involved, please contact Francesca Berriman MBE, Chief Executive by email with a brief outline of what you can bring to the Group. 

International dimension

We are also looking for any experience and evidence from overseas, for example from the UAE, US/Canada, Scandinavia, India and Australia.

Gary Mees PCIAT said ‘We were all horrified at witnessing the tragedy that happened at Grenfell Tower; our thoughts are with all the families affected by this catastrophe, along with all those who responded to the incident who must be praised for their efforts.

'Before any formal speculation, it is important to fully understand all the facts in the lead up to and during this event.  All of those who manage, design and implement works on multi storey buildings will learn lessons when the investigations are published. The safety of lives must be at the centre of legislation, of how we design and how buildings are put together. '


CIAT is committed to contributing all available and appropriate resources to the CIC Working Group in an effort to ensure that Government receives and acts on the best advice to prevent any further incidents of this sort occurring.’