CICV Forum animations urge public respect construction workers

The Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum has launched a colourful new social media campaign reminding the public to let construction workers do their jobs safely in Scotland.

Released under the theme of #RebuildingTogether, the latest initiative uses two short animations (which can be viewed here and here) to highlight the need for co-operation and respect for workers operating in difficult circumstances.

The clips, designed to be shared on social media, feature workers called ‘Paul’ and ‘Gill’ who put a strong emphasis on physical distancing and letting workers do their jobs safely.

In an attempt to help the public feel more confident about commissioning work, the campaign is also accompanied by a downloadable PDF leaflet that sets out clearly what workers and clients are expected to do – and not do – throughout projects.

Rebecca Crosland, Health and Safety Advisor at the Building Engineering Services Association and Chair of the Forum’s Health and Safety sub-group, said: "Contractors and operatives have been extremely responsive to guidance aimed at safe working as we enter into new phases of the return to work.

"However, they must be allowed to carry out their tasks effectively and the public can play a hugely important role by supporting and respecting them and letting them do their jobs as they take on this mammoth task.

“This new campaign emphasises the Forum’s message that we’re all #RebuildingTogether and that it’s important that everyone takes personal responsibility for their actions in the interest of themselves, their colleagues and the wider community.”

Made up of more than 60 trade associations, private companies and professional bodies, the Forum recently welcomed its 100th individual member as it continues to advise and inform the industry and public.

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