CLC sets out retrofit skills framework

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published a report setting out a framework for defining competence in the UK domestic retrofit sector.

The document presents a framework of the core overarching knowledge, skills and behaviours required to deliver effective retrofit of homes at scale, both in retrofit-specific roles and associated roles in the industry.

The report identifies a series of 'statements' divided into two groups that identify individual competencies. These are core transferable and overarching technical. CLC said the competence statements can be used to support the development of competence frameworks for specific occupations involved in retrofit work.

They are also intended to support the development of training and education for the future workforce, both in training new entrants and upskilling the existing labour pool.

CLC said the report aims to “provide a consistent and clear definition of the cross-cutting, overarching competencies required for individuals working across the whole retrofit process”.

It continued:

These statements can be used to support the update and development of competency frameworks and occupational standards for retrofit-related roles, as well as to evaluate and update content for training courses and qualifications.

The UK has more than 28 million homes, most of which will need retrofitting to meet the country’s legally-binding target of becoming net zero by 2050.

Read the document here

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