New route to CSCS Card for built environment professionals

New e-learning health & safety certification course was launched by the CIC last year.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) last year launched a new e-learning Heath & Safety Certification course which provides a new route to the CSCS card.

This course, designed in collaboration with training partners Accredex, is specifically designed for professionals working within the Built Environment and Construction sector. This new course is vital to plugging a gap in the market for a test for industry professionals who are required to visit site as part of their role but who are not site based.

The course is fully flexible and can be accessed via any internet connected device at any time, enabling you to take the required course modules wherever and whenever suits your business needs.

The course comprises six modules which cover a whole spectrum of content relevant to industry professionals.These include subjects not in the current CSCS routes such as staying safe on sites not controlled by a Principal Contractor. The modules include legal requirements on site, your safety onsite, your health and welfare on site, risk management issues, design risk management and protecting the environment.

Each interactive module combines a ‘teach me, test me’ approach which enables users to practice their understanding of the content as they work through the course. Users receive a three year certification once they have successfully completed the final exam which will enable them to visit site with current and proficient learnings to conduct themselves in a safe manner.

The test has been recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) as a route to apply for their white card once the CIC Health and Safety test has been completed and passed.

This course is priced at £49.99 per person, and will provide benefits and protection for your business, yourself, your fellow workers, the public and the environment. No further learning materials need to be purchased as these are all embedded within the e-learning course. The price of the course also includes two attempts at an examination which once passed allows the issue of a CSCS white card to the candidate.
CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts said of the new course: “Health and Safety is at the heart of our industry and CIC wanted to create a relevant, modern and affordable route to health and safety accreditation professionals who visit sites as part of their services to clients. This content rich course was developed by industry professionals for industry professionals. It is more relevant and meaningful to those of us who visit site than previous tests. The flexibility of an online course also allows us to make sure it is updated as the landscape within the industry changes.” 

James Banks, Membership Director, CIAT said: "This addition enables an alternative Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test to the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) HS&E touch screen test. Those eligible for a Professional Qualified Persons (PQP) or Academically Qualified Persons (AQP) CSCS card can take this test as an alternative to the CITB HSE test. All other rules and eligibility criteria for PQP or AQP CSCS cards apply."

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Please note Blue, Black and Gold cards are not being renewed and holders will have to apply for White cards (PQP and AQP).

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