Deadline for high-rise building safety approaches

Those responsible for safety in high-rise residential blocks in England have six months from April to register with the new Building Safety Regulator (BSR).

Owners and managers who fail to register by October 2023 will be investigated and may face prosecution.

There are around 12,500 high-rise buildings in England that need to be registered.

The BSR has been set up by the Building Safety Act (BSA), passed following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. It is part of the Health and Safety Executive. The BSR plans to ramp up publicity throughout March to highlight the new legal duties of owners and managers of high-rise residential buildings

Chief Inspector of Buildings Peter Baker said: "Our message is clear – industry must raise its standards and residents of high-rise buildings in England must be kept safe.

"This is a landmark moment for building safety, the information provided through registration will be an invaluable part of our crackdown on unsafe building practices.

"Those who are responsible for high-rise residential buildings must register; failure to do so will be against the law."

This article originally appeared on Construction Manager

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