Extending site working hours discussed with councils

Build UK is exploring the possibility of extending permitted site working hours across the country in a bid to help the construction sector get back to work safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The industry organisation confirmed that it is liasing with the Local Government Association over the idea, as part of a range of plans to get construction sites up and running again.

It is also focused on opening up the supply chain by demonstrating a demand for materials, as well as assessing the availability of hotel accommodation for construction workers living away from home.

And it is seeking further evidence from Public Health England (PHE) on the use of PPE and RPE to prevent the transmission of coronavirus on sites, as well as the interpretation of 15 minutes' face-to-face contact as set out in the government's guidance on social distancing in the workplace for construction.

In an update to the industry, Build UK also confirmed that it continues to be involved in the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Task Force, which is working on:

  • A review of government-backed loans and their suitability for construction businesses
  • Alternatives to invoking contractual clauses which are likely to be detrimental to the supply chain
  • An industry recovery plan
  • Releasing workers from furlough following the lockdown
  • Advice on re-opening offices following extended periods of closure

Article source: Construction Manager

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