MCIAT short course now available to access

Qualifying in Architectural Technology as a Chartered Architectural Technologist (MCIAT), the Institute's online short course, is free and available to access for all members and affiliates wanting to understand more about CIAT's professional qualification pathway.

The course covers developing an appreciation of the process and undertaking a critical appraisal of an individual's knowledge, experience, skills and competency benchmarked against the MCIAT Professional Standards Framework.

The content focuses on the following areas:

  • The MCIAT Professional Assessment – Route to qualify as a Chartered Architectural Technologist 
  • Stage 1 – Educational Standards – Are you exempt?
  • Stage 2 – Practice Standards - Written holistic submission with supporting evidence
  • Stage 3 – Professional Standards - Professional Assessment Interview
  • Developing communication skills

Access to the short course is a free benefit of membership or affiliation and can be viewed in the My CIAT area.

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