National Apprenticeship Week – 7-13 February 2022

National Apprenticeship Week is taking place between 7-13 February in England.

It is National Apprenticeship Week in England. CIAT supported the development of three apprenticeship standards in England. These are:

Potential apprentices can register and find vacancies at the Find an Apprenticeship Service. They should also register with Talentview. Alternatively, they can look through or CITB's website

Employers on the other hand are encouraged to upload all their vacancies onto the Recruit an Apprentice Service. Registration is required, but is simple. After this, the process to upload a vacancy is straightforward. Once uploaded, the vacancy will be accessible to all applicants using the service.

All vacancies uploaded to the Recruit an Apprenticeship system will be pulled through to the Talent View Construction Portal and advertised there. Employers should also set up a company profile on Talentview here: Talentview Construction Employer Registration. Those already registered with the Construction Leadership Council's Talent Retention Scheme can use the same login information to access Talentview Construction.

Other vacancy services are available, however those indicated here are the only services that aggregate all vacancies and applicants in one place. 

If you have any questions about apprenticeships, please contact the Education Department on [email protected].

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