Review of public sector frameworks launched

The government has launched an independent review into the public sector construction frameworks, as part of the implementation of the Construction Playbook.

The review, led by professor David Mosey, of Kings College, will lead to recommendations for:

  • the components of a 'gold standard' against which new proposed frameworks and framework contracts can be measured;
  • standard contract terms that support the new gold standard; and
  • training packages to enable adoption of the new gold standard.

The Cabinet Office said the review would allow contracting authorities to identify frameworks that meet best practices and embody the policies set out in the playbook.

The Construction Playbook was launched on 8 December 2020 and contains 14 key policy reforms to enable 'faster, better, greener' construction by changing how projects are assessed, procured and delivered.

Among the key policy reforms is 'effective contracting', designed to ensure that contracts are structured to support an exchange of data, collaboration, improve value and manage risk with clear expectations for continuous improvement and consistent with the principles contained within the Construction Playbook.

The Construction Playbook also contains a commitment to undertaking a review of current construction frameworks.

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