'Road to net-zero' guide produced by Recticel

Recticel Insulation has produced a guide to the updated Part L Building Regulations.

The Road to Net-Zero, which sets out the amended regulations' details and aims, is free to download via Recticel's website.

Building Regulations Part L covers the conservation of fuel and power in the building of new homes in England and sets the energy performance standards of existing buildings.

Introduced in June 2022, the milestone legislation advocates a fabric-first approach to building design and the use of renewable technologies as being key to reducing the CO2 output of new dwellings by 31% compared to current standards.

The regulation's uplift is a stepping stone to the Future Homes Standard, which will require new homes to produce 75-80% fewer carbon emissions than properties built to the previous standard.

Simon Blackham, Technical Manager at Recticel said: "The amended Part L regulations are crucial to improving the energy efficiency of new homes. Hence our release of The Road to Net-Zero. As one of the country's leading insulation manufacturers, we believe it's our shared duty to help raise building standards. This is not only in respect of the innovative products we produce, but also in relation to the professional knowledge we impart to industry stakeholders. The Road to Net-Zero is indicative of our overarching aim."

The 20-page guide is available to download here.

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