Social housing building 3D-printed in Germany

Germany is printing its first publicly-funded multi-family house in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of L√ľnen.

The three-storey building will have two apartments on each floor ranging in size from 61 to 81 sq m.

Peri 3D Construction is building it. It is the company's third printed project started this year, preceded by a data centre and football clubhouse.

After printing the first and second floors, Peri will build the third floor using a timber hybrid construction method. It is using conventional methods to build the foundation, base, and filigree slabs.

For the printing, Peri is using a printer made by Danish company Cobod. 

Ina Scharrenbach, North Rhine-Westphalia's construction and housing minister, said the project showed that public housing "can be built quickly, modernly and sustainably despite these challenging times".

Peri 3D Construction managing director, Fabian Meyer-Brötz, said: "We are convinced that the technology is already ready for widespread use on modern construction sites, and especially for social housing projects."

This article originally appeared on Construction Management
Image copyright: Peri 3D Construction

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