Young Construction Industry professionals urged to share their views on the future of the sector

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) 2050 Group is calling for young professionals, within the Construction Industry, to share what they would like the industry to look like in 2050 by taking a short survey.

The 2050 Group, CIC’s young professionals group, represents those in the industry who are at the start of their career to ensure the link between young professionals and the leadership of the industry. Group members represent a range of disciplines from across the built environment, giving their time on behalf of the different Professional Institution members of CIC they represent.

The Young Professionals in Construction Survey 2021 is being launched to determine a vision of the future
of the construction industry, and the steps that need to be taken to get there. The results of the survey will
inform the direction of the 2050 Group’s work going forward to ensure a focus on topics of importance to
those that the group represents.

James Robb MCIAT CEnv, Deputy Chair CIC 2050 Group, says: “The CIC 2050 Group exists to represent the views and needs of those who are at the start of their career. Tell us what changes you want to see happen in the industry, where could things be better? What should be prioritised? Some examples may be diversity, representation or climate change. Responses will be really helpful in driving change in the mainstream construction industry from within. 

"Don't forget to forward this survey on to others you know across the construction industry who will still be working in the year 2050.”  

The survey can be accessed here.

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