Irish Life Sciences Global HQ
Mel McGerr FCIAT, MMA Architects

The Irish Life Sciences Global HQ is a repurposed existing warehouse transformed into a new center for innovative high tech manufacturing, primarily functioning as a manufacturing facility for medical equipment. The brief required a striking building that would reflect this new and innovative company on the international Life Sciences market. They required a building that would have multiple purposes, including research facilities and Clean Rooms for manufacturing product. The client was keen to develop a building that portrayed their commitment to carbon neutrality and energy efficiency. The existing structure was adapted and reused, slashing the carbon footprint of the project. Given the constraints of the site, the company was "future proofed" by providing additional floor space, allowing for installation of additional research facilities. The context of the site is one of 'industry', surrounded by warehousing and manufacturing facilities and it was important to design a building that fitted into the space but still stood out from the crowd. Minimal glazing to the north of the building is contrasted by the large elements of glazing to the southern, public side of the building. Strong robust cladding was used on these elevations to ensure an enduring finish that will withstand the rigors of industrial use.